The TeacherFX event will showcase the latest food and fibre producing agricultural practices employed on farms in a particular region of Western Australia. 

Day one – Monday 23 July

8:00am Travel to the Great Southern (Narrogin) region

10:30am  Wide Open Agriculture – intensive horticulture in Beaufort River

11:30am  Rex Family farm – broadscale cropping and sheep operation in Beaufort River

12:30pm  Lunch

2:00pm Wooldridge Family farm – using GPS technology to track sheep in Arthur River

4:00pm Wiese / Yarranabee Family farm – large scale broadacre cropping, sheep and Quinoa farm

5:30pm BBQ Dinner and Drinks at Cuballing Tavern with billeting hosts.

Day two – Tuesday 24 July

8:00am Travel to Narrogin Reception Centre

8:30am Introduction to the GPS  Livestock resource

10:00am  Morning Tea

10:30am  Analysing GPS livestock data

12:00pm  Lunch

1:00pm Agriculture Careers and Education Panel

2:00pm  Evaluation and wrap-up

2:15pm  Travel to Perth

If you have any questions about the TeacherFX program, please send us a message. 

To apply to be a part of the TeacherFX program, click here.